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UN/MUTE Exhibition   

09.22/21- 01.07/22

Gabrielė Gervickaitė (Lithuania) + Yi Hsuan Lai (NYC)

Project Description 

- written by Melinda Wang 

What does touch mean? Please touch the hand-made zine that’s before you — it’s the result of the experiments in artistic process undertaken by artists Gabriele Gervickaitė and Yi Hsuan Lai as they observed and recorded their immediate surroundings and built connections through their discussions. In Body and Environment, the artists mix the staticity of photographs, the physicality of typewriters and embroidery, the ephemeral nature of Zoom conversations and the transience of text messages to form a new body that was created in the Cloud and now exists in physical form. This zine acts as the corporeal manifestation of their dialogues — bound by a spine, tattooed with type and sutured together with embroidered elements giving decorative agency and more importantly as stitches mending wounds to be healed. Gervickaitė’s and Lai’s dialogues surround the body, beauty, prosthetics and the physical limitations of our environments. Although the work was created during a global lockdown, when our worlds became very small and our senses were limited to interpreting what was nearby, it explores the possibilities of collaboration and synergy within exogenously-imposed parameters. By recording certain observations over others, and creating both a permanent zine and copies meant for distribution, the artists investigate the permanence of certain ideas, the impermanence of others and the sharing of both. Please touch. Please take a copy.


Installation view in Austrian Cultural Forum 

Work from left to right: Where are you at this moment? — Dancing in the day and night, Where are you at this moment? — Bounding touch, Where are you at this moment? — Joint. (Aluminum prints, 30x40")


 zine 24 x 36 inches unfolded


unique zine 8.25 x 10.5 inches

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