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Corporeal Signal Installation  

5.22/21- 09.18/21

Wassaic Project Summer Exhibition  (Wassaic, NY)

Project Description 

Corporeal Signal is a series of staged photographs presenting handmade sculptures to represent people’s physical and psychological experiences in the world. I use a colored polymer clay to imitate flesh and human skin and then further create the sculptures that take the shape of ambiguous and grotesque forms. The form of the clay reflects a sense of uncertainty and fluidity to represent my psychological and physical states as a female identity and as Other. The sculpture as an altered independent body gets immersed onto my body, objects, and space in the photograph, creating a visceral and tangible viewing experience. The sculptures functions as prosthesis that incorporates the fictional and real body into a bizarre configuration creating a metaphor to assist the hidden emotional disability. The alternate representation of the body reverses insecurity into the imaginary growth. Photography witnesses this transformation. In this immersive installation, the image fluctuates between the two dimensionality of the photographic plane and the three dimensional modes of presentation. It creates the organic association between reality and fictionality which engages with the thin line between psychology and physicality to offer the audience an uncanny and whimsical viewing experience.

Wassaic installation shot 01.jpg

Installation View in Wassaic Project


Work from left to right: : "Untitled" 14.4x18", Inevitable Sorrow 12x18" , Hair your hair 12x18" , Extend your soul, 18x27" 

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