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Corporeal Signal

Project Description

In the project, I combine the medium of photography and sculptures to create both photographic and sculptural assemblage. I use fleshy Sculpey clay to build up altered and fragmented bodies as my subjects, aiming to create a dialogue between the ambiguous nature of the objects and the space depicted in photographs- photography is the pictorial representation of mental states.

The grotesque form of my sculptures inspired from the representation, transformation, and extension of the human body also reflects the sense of uncertainty and fluidity as an Other. I also make kinetic sculptures with prosthetic function to emerge the fictional and real body into bizarre configuration. The images generate psychological reactions which speak to the vulnerability, sensuality and sexualism of the human body and also my fantasy projection of expanded body form.

Love Letter

"Ear In Ear", 12" * 18", 2020

In this body of work, I experiment with varied materiality with photographic prints such as canvas, nylon lycra, and UV print on reflective acrylic sheets to expand the tension between physicality of the photo- graphic objects and virtual quality with the content in the image. Photography is the medium which allows me to explore the scale of prints in relation to space and also the sculptural quality of the demonstration. The project aims to create an immersive world with fluctuation between two and three dimensions of photography and physical objects with visceral and corporeal viewing experience.

Love Letter, 12x18", 2020

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