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Anonymous Town - Spring/Break Art Show

March 3-9, 2020

presented by Somad studio / curated by Jordan Segal  (New York, NY)

Project Description 

“Anonymous Town” is a series of staged photography, which incorporates the artist’s self-portrait, biomorphic shape sculptures, and artificial materials to reflect the contradictory relationship between the urban environment and human nature. The artist uses her body as receiver and her sculptures as extensions of her senses, exploring psychological emotions felt by people living in the industrial world. She also evokes her personal experience of anxiety and insecurity felt as a foreigner living in New York city. Lai’s scenes are sophisticated construction built from dispose-of objects and common artificial materials generated by wasteful environments which she transforms into playful, uncanny scenarios. The characters and hand-made sculptures in the images are her symbolic avatar, traveling in the interior and exterior world in pictorial spaces. Assembling different materialities from two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects, Lai creates an ambiguous and illusionary experience for the viewer.  


Installation view in Spring/Break Art Show, 2020

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