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Project Description 

The initial conceptualization of this project stems from the discovery of several old pictures from 1950s to 2010s from my deceased grandpa’s drawers. These old images documented the past they experienced, but they were rarely mentioned in my childhood. I am curious about the family background of the pictures, which perplexes me in terms of the notion of “home.


In this work, as an androgynous person, I decided to use myself as a medium to perform each family member in the images by wearing the same clothes left from them and by weaving the past and the present, revisiting the same place where they were photographed. I arranged grandfather as the main character of this project. Meanwhile, with my biological female identity, I get involved in male’s authority by wearing costumes. To re-experience and re-present the situation of the figures in the photos. It’s not only an activity to re-experience my family’s past, but also an exploration of an archetype of Asian family. It’s also like cultural studies in the historical courses, and display a certain sense of public ideology.

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